Andrew Peacock’s comments today

In the daily churn of news stories in an election campaign, I’m not sure how widely reported this will be, but Andrew Peacock was campaigning today in his old seat of Kooyong and said:

“You’d need to be pretty handicapped not to appreciate that this [Labor] government is dissolving before your eyes daily.”

That the Labor candidate in Kooyong is legally blind only makes his statement even more appalling.

You can read the whole story in the SMH Online edition here.

However, Peacock is a has-been, and what he thinks is pretty irrelevant. That’s not the case with the Opposition Leader, Tony Abbott. Abbott apparently thinks access and mobility issues are pretty low on the pecking order.

In making remarks about improving parliamentary proceedings, the federal Opposition Leader said:

“…to make sure that we go straight out of Question Time into the matter of public importance debate without waffly ministerial statements on things like the accessibility of cinemas. So I will change or I will seek to have the standing orders changed.”

I can see several sources reporting that he has now apologised for the statement. He was reported as saying:

“I was misinformed about that particular statement. It was a poor example to use. And I’m sorry if I have caused any offence.”

Personally, I’d have liked him to retract the statement. It’s not a lot to say “Clearly, I do not think providing access to cinemas is waffle.”  If, of course, that’s true.

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