Be Careful What You Wish For

A funny thing happened on Tuesday afternoon. That was the same day I’d had my Heckler article published in the SMH (see Sorry, Mate, below) and, among other topics, had criticised drivers for saying ‘sorry’ to me when I thoughtlessly cross the road in front of them.

I was out walking the dog again, and received a message from my wife that my son was already home from school and waiting at the front door with his driver. I wasn’t far from home, but I wasn’t there, so I had to hurry.

Blossom (the dog) was keen for a run, so we covered the last 2 blocks at full speed, and had only to cross the last road to be at our house. As we crossed the road, in my peripheral vision I could see a car turning into the street, but cars always stop for me. Hell, they stop and apologise for just being on the road. But I’ll admit, I didn’t stop and really look. I kept on and crossed the road.

Now, the car was perhaps a little closer than I had anticipated, but we missed each other comfortably enough. As usual, he wound down his window and shouted several words. ‘Sorry’ was not among them.  It can be hard to discern all the words shouted from a moving car but I caught ‘idiot’ and ‘statistic’, each preceded by an extended form of the most popular four-letter-word in the English language.

I wonder if he’d just finished reading my article. I he had, I’ll call that one an instant success!

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