Why can’t able-bodied people lock doors?


Twice in the last week I’ve pressed the ‘open door’ button on disabled toilets to reveal a seemingly able-bodied person sitting on the loo — in one case reading a newspaper. It’s bad enough to use the disabled toilet when you don’t need it. But the least you can do is lock the door!

I think I know what has happened. The locks on some modern shopping centre toilets are time limited. If you don’t unlock it within 10 minutes, it unlocks itself. One centre even had to put up a sign to remind people (see picture above).

So the folks I’ve rolled in on have committed multiple sins — using a toilet to which they are not entitled, not keeping the door locked, and being bloody slow! Wise up folks.

After these two occasions I’m now going to have my phone at the ready when I press the open door button. The next person I catch is getting posted on this blog.

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