The (Not) Barrier Free Prize for Boneheadedness

This week has two very close contenders. Before the photos, a short introduction to each.

Photo 1 was taken on level 8 of Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Level 8 houses the neurology wards. That’s right, most of the hospital’s mobility cases pass through this ward. In case you can’t read the date on the ‘out of order’ sign, it says 31/7/11. I know there’s a shortage of plumbers in Sydney, but two months to fix a loo seems a bit ridiculous.

Photo 2 was taken on my way to the train this morning. Homebush Rd is pretty busy, with cars coming quickly around from The Crescent posing a risk to anyone who isn’t fleet of foot. Which is why the council provides a refuge island half way across. I use it often, as do many parents with strollers. So which bright spark garbologist decided to leave two bins blocking the gutter ramp? With this ramp blocked, pedestrians have little choice but to cross further up, where there’s no refuge island.




  1. there are some parts i disagree but for the most part you hit the nail on the head

  2. your style of writing is brilliant, really simple to understand

  3. I like this a lot!

  4. Boneheads is right!

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