The Perils of Sleeping on Trains…

My train trip to the office takes about 40 minutes. The other day – caused partly by lack of caffeine – I decided to recline my chair and have a quick snooze. Just in case, I set my phone alarm for 30 minutes hence. I was aware of people coming and going from the car as we stopped at stations, so I must have been sleeping very lightly. I could hear people around me talking. Then, I heard one say ‘do you think he’s dead?’. I was surprised, amused, but chose not to open my eyes. As we pulled into Central, one of the chatterers jumped off the train and alerted an attendant – there was a dead man in a wheelchair on the train! This broke me out of my slumber, and I was very much awake. And alive. But it was too late. Railway staff were everywhere. I was asked by everyone if I now felt ok. I was told the ambulance was on the way. Thoroughly flustered, I managed to type ‘I am fine. I was ASLEEP’ and showed it to anyone who would look. Things calmed down, and everyone left. I closed my eyes, but not to sleep. I just wanted to be left alone.

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