Barrier Free is a blog mostly dedicated to commentary and discussion on issues related to mobility, access and government policies relating to those topics. The blog is especially interested in people with mobility difficulties as consumers, because, as a group, we have significant capacity to influence what the market provides. While health topics will inevitably come up from time-to-time, this is not the focus of the blog. There are plenty of sites that handle those topics well.

We will also have humorous posts, travel stories, reviews and general good writing on topics related our core issues.

The selection of topics is personal – they are issues that affect me. We have a son with Autism, so from time-to-time you will see posts relating to this, as well as schools, carers, respite and other disability topics.

We welcome contributions from readers, either as comments or new posts. If you wish to post, please contact me by email – pbarry@sydney.net.

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